Danielle P. Williams  Writer  

 awards & nominations 

2020 Pushcart nominee for "The Valley of the Latte"

nominated by Sinking City

2020 Pushcart nominee for "What Walking and Poetry Have in Common"

nominated by Foothill Poetry Journal


Ninth Letter 2020 Literary Award Winner in Poetry

for “A Walk on June 19,” “fa’ñague /fuh-nyah-ghee/”, and “Gospel”

selected by Jennifer Givhan

2020 Virginia Downs Poetry Award

for “Gospel” selected by January Gill O’Neil 



"Don't Drink the Kool-Aid"

forthcoming in Hobart Pulp


"good times"

forthcoming in Juked Magazine

"Sideline Ho"

forthcoming in The Hellebore

"Black Music" 

forthcoming in Cobra Milk

"All Sappho's Music is Lost..." 

forthcoming in Cobra Milk

"What Walking and Poetry Have in Common"

forthcoming in Foothill Poetry Journal

"A Walk on June 19"

forthcoming in Ninth Letter (print)

“fa’ñague /fuh-nyah-ghee/”

forthcoming in Ninth Letter (print)


forthcoming in Ninth Letter (print)

"Black Body as [     ] Bird"

The Pinch. Issue 40.2 Fall 20 (print)


"16th Street Neighborhood Protest" 

Barren Magazine. Issue No. 15/16

"a poem about poems" 


"The Valley of the Latte"

Sinking City. Issue 8. Spring 2020

"A Crystal Stair" 

My Sister's Closet

"Baby of Black" 

ucity review. Issue 19. December 2019

"Tano I' Man Chamorro"

Third Point Press. Issue 13


Praxis Center

"Toy Story Memorial" 

Praxis Center

"The Dream Catcher" 

My Sister's Closet

"Wet Dogs" 


"The Reckoning"

All The Sins. Issue 8


The Write Launch. Issue 15

“Three poems working against my smile" 

The Write Launch. Issue 15