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Multicultural Awareness Week
Poetry Workshop Facilitator & Keynote Speaker | ALANAM Women's Institute 

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Kissing Dynamite Poetry Featured Poet

Assistant Editor Zora Satchell on “Bear in mind that death is a drum”:

When this came across my desk as I was going through the submissions, I was immediately impressed by Williams’ work. “Bear in mind that death is a drum” is after “Drum” by Langston Hughes. In the original piece, the drum music is a literal death march that is never ended. Whether we are aware of it or not, we all march forward to its beat answering its call. In Williams’ piece, the music of death takes on joy. “Listening to life like a/Signal to start the song”—You cannot help but dance, dance as hard as you can so the holy ghost may catch you and “carry you to a new home/ worth living for.”

MFA Writers Podcast w/ Jared McCormack

Episode 18: Danielle P. Williams | George Mason University

An MFA-sponsored trip to the Mariana Islands allowed Danielle P. Williams of George Mason University to reconnect with her ancestral culture. She sits down with Jared to discuss exploring Chamorro history through poetry, learning ancient language through translation, and meeting mentors and allies through her program.

Performance Anxiety Reading February 2021

Online poetry reading series on Skype / 3rd Thursdays, 9PM

Kristin Garth 0:01:52

Grace Lau 0:12:13

Danielle P. Williams 0:21:40

Noah Falck 0:28:41

Jonce Marshall Palmer 0:34:40

Jake Byrne 0:44:35

Kailey Tedesco 0:51:56

Jack Bachmann 1:00:24